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"It is so lovely to finally find a florist I can trust to bring my vision to life.  Each bouquet seems to effortlessly reflect the change in the season and sentiment in a way hat 'off the shelf' florists often seem to miss."



Based in the West Midlands, I create bespoke floral designs that capture the true essence of wild romance and captivating emotion. To do that, I need to dig a little deeper with you – and unpick what makes you, you. As a passionate English teacher in a previous life, I have always prioritised people and words, young and old – and what makes us tick. After all, that’s what gets the best out of all of us, isn’t it, when we feel understood? And it is this approach that I bring to floral design: not just with what we see, but what we feel through the words that accompany those special emotions when we celebrate moments with flowers. 

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