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My Story


1630–40; < Latin anthologia < Greek: collection of poems, literally, gathering of flowers, equivalent to anthológ(os) flower-gathering 



I believe that flowers are an extension of our personalities – and therefore our style. Yes, I have a style; the end-product of the process of choosing pieces, songs, books, colours, and art that somehow end up encapsulating who we are. I’m guessing that’s why you’re here: you’re looking for the perfect fit for you and your story– flowers that just imbue a sense of who you are – the bride, the business or the bohemian that just wants to bring a layer of beauty to something important. For me, it’s often a rote method of choosing pieces, an unavoidable habit of curating bits and bobs that often fall into the classic categories of ‘vintage, romantic, loved-again’ treasures.


No matter how hard I try, I can’t resist the rusted copper-edged mirror; the faded print of a sunflower, barely clinging on to the battered frame in the corner of the car-boot sale’s mire of megalomania. I don’t have a lot – but what I do have, I love. Things need to mean something, and I’ll happily while away the hours foraging for the perfect piece. Something that becomes part of me. The line of a poem that makes my eyes sting with tears, the song that makes my heart thud when I close my eyes, the battered books whose place I would defend mercilessly at the prospect of relinquishing. 


And the same goes for flowers. They can connect us to a feeling that recurs endlessly when we gaze at them. We return to them, time after time, in good times and in sad, as they mean something to us. 


Hi there, I’m Rebecca. I’m founder and florist at Anthology- a floral design company that is rooted in the beauty of the sentimental. My passion is balanced between two of my greatest loves- poetry and petals. The relationship between poetry and flowers is a hugely important one to me, each offering an intimate and personal form of counsel, whether that be captured in declarations of love that emanate from the deepest of souls or comfort and consolation when life’s path takes an unexpected turn; both vehicles in helping us to make sense of a moment – both being used as symbolic celebrations and commemorations for centuries. 


So, here we are. On the same sentimental page. Choosing me for your floral event will not only mean that I will be with you every step of the journey to creating your perfectly bespoke moment, but I will also make every effort to make the most of what we have around us; sourcing locally produced, seasonal British blooms that are respectfully arranged, avoiding the use of floral foam, and working closely with wonderfully creative and sustainable local businesses. And there we have it: everything working in harmony. Just the way it should be. All that’s left to do is get in touch. I’ll look forward to getting to know you. 

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